• Still hungry? However, I have seen too many youth players eat … What other topics would you like to see? Once you do begin to eat this way, you will be surprised at the difference this will make in your game. Since they are purely amino acids, you can take them closer to game time, since they are extremely easy to digest due to the branched chain. Extra Tip: Eat a tablespoon of honey before bed to drastically improve the quality of your sleep (12). So what do Premier League footballers really eat on game day? Monitor urine color on game day. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Chewing gum for 10 seconds has been shown to improve reaction times by 7% for up to 15 minutes, because when you chew, you stimulate the promoter cortex, which prepares your brain for movement and reaction (. And how many hours should I eat before the game? Besides training, nutrition will be one of the best ways to prepare for our games. Spicy foods should be avoided. After knowing what to eat before a soccer game, following are general guidelines on the recommended calorie intake. Do not skimp on the eggs with egg whites. You should not eat all the calories indicated from 3-5 hours to 0.5 to 1 hour. Before a soccer game, you need to consume a large quantity of carbohydrates, a moderate amount of protein and a low amount of fat. WHEN to eat before a game. My pre-game smoothie (remember since it’s not solid food to have it closer to 3 hours till game time than 4). We cannot apply the same rules to adult athletes to kids. Many soccer players have rituals bordering on superstition when it comes to what they eat before a game. Playing on a hot day? I know every player has had at least one practice where he or she ate too much too closely to practice and then felt sick during it. A penalty kick takes about 50 milliseconds to reach the goal line. The goal of this post is to answer the question we all ask, “what should I eat before a soccer game?”. You’re not hydrating properly and you’re not getting enough electrolytes, typically potassium and sodium (4). Without adequate, balanced nutrition, you won't have enough energy to play your best. Now lets look at each part individually and see how exactly we can attain it through food. Each player is different, but most will often eat a pre-game meal around 3 to 4 hours before the start of the match. When the time comes to take center stage and try out for soccer, what you eat beforehand is critically important. • This includes breakfast on game day. This, combined with have plenty of glycogen storage, physical preparation through trainings and having some salt with breakfast or in a sports drink will keep you from getting cramps during a game and embarrassing yourself, because you’re better than that. This allows for a relatively slow release of glucose into the blood and avoids the insulin surge. This is because when you go to play with the food in your stomach, then the heart pumps large volumes of blood to the stomach to aid in digestion. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that, for soccer players, is important due to its effects on aggression. If you get into the apple juice shades, hydration levels are lacking. Before a soccer game, you need to consume a large quantity of carbohydrates, a moderate amount of protein and a low amount of fat. As for soccer, members of the London-based pro team Arsenal eat broccoli instead of chips and beer, based on manager Arsene Wenger’s philosophies on nutrition, which he developed while working in Japan. So we have just covered many ways to fully prepare yourself for coming into a game as prepared as possible. Proper pre-game nutrition can provide you with the energy you need to take on the challenges of game … What to Eat before a Soccer Game for Energy- According to research, it is advisable that a player should eat his/her pre-game meal plan 2-3 hours before the match. Do you want some advice on the best foods to eat before your soccer game? The right combination of foods can give you the edge over your competition. These will provide slow releasing carbohydrates. His diet is more strictly controlled and he gets to bed earlier. I have a soccer game today, its a really tough game. WHAT TO EAT & DRINK BEFORE A GAME . Mainly it's most important to drink lots of water directly before the game. Get 2 glasses of water in you within a half an hour of waking up. So there you have it. We want to have plenty of amino acids in our system so we can avoid breaking down muscles to get the amino acids we need for energy. They fruit will provide more carbohydrates for your body, and since they are being eaten with fats and protein, they will digest slower than if they are eaten on their own. at least an hour if not more but dont eat greasy foods before the game. I played soccer for 15 years and usually it was whole grain pasta and raw fruit before games. You just spent 7-8 hours not drinking water, and your game is coming up. Depending on if you have only 1 game or a tournament, depends on what you should fill your body with. Don't eat too much before hand, maybe have a meal 2 hours before. If you play at an intense level of football, it’s important to increase your carbohydrates a few days before a game. Step 3 Know where to go What should I eat before my event? Make this mostly carbohydrates with a little protein and make sure it’s a familiar food that you … Pre-Game Eating Guidelines. So what should I eat? Another way you can prepare, as I prefer to, is with a smoothie. This is not what we want. It’s important to start matches well-fuelled. Start taking more water and fluids three days to game day. • Survey the scene. Have your first snack within the first half-hour after the game and then continue every two hours for the next four to six hours. What to Eat During Soccer Tournaments As a soccer coach, I don’t have to tell you that coaching a youth soccer team while traveling in tournaments is a difficult task. Read further and find out. Pre-game meals should also be pretty bland as to not upset the stomach. An extra tip for lower insulin response is cinnamon. Chew peppermint gum during warm-ups or during the game. Plain and simple. I don’t recommend you eat 30 mins before you play or workout. What to eat before games. Definitely the best pre-game food! We can boost our testosterone through healthy fats. What to Eat Before a Morning Soccer Game. This will take evaluating how you recovered and ate the past few days. We need our blood to be going to our muscles and to our brain so we are able to optimally perform athletically and mentally. You might have your own routine established and if so, you shouldn’t suddenly change it. Advice for Soccer Players’ Pre-Game Snack – What to Eat to Top Off: Soccer players can have a snack 1-2 hours before the event to top off your fuel stores. One of the hardest responsibilities as a soccer coach while on the road is monitoring your player’s food intake. It’s important to start matches well-fuelled. Since it’s high in fiber, the insulin response will not be great, but it’ll add a little extra glucose into your system right before your begin using your glycogen storages in your muscles. The figures indicate the amount of calories you need to eat if you eat at 3-5 hours, 2-3 hours, 1-2 hours or 0.5 to 1 hour before the game. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. You have to be the field in about an hour for warm-ups, so now is a good time to take advantage of the benefits of tea. When you eat a big meal, your body sends more blood to your stomach to help with digestion. Let’s use a game at 1 o’clock for our example. If the event starts at 8:00 a.m., This meal should contain some carbohydrate for fuel as well as some fluids for hydration. Keep sipping on water, sports drinks and juices, but avoid soft drinks. To come into a game like this, we need to turn to nutrition. Plenty of water the day before a game and sipped regularly throughout the match will help you stay hydrated. Game-Day. It's a simple twist on a modern favorite that will stay fresh in … If you are a recreational soccer player, you might arrive at a game after eating a large meal and find you're too full to run well during a 90-minute outdoor contest or a 48-minute indoor one. If you follow the principles below, you will come into a game mentally and physically prepared. However, through proper nutrition, we can avoid our body going catabolic along with the muscle soreness that comes along with it. We try to eat perfectly to optimize our game all the time, but often times it’s difficult to be 100%, and sometimes it keeps us sane to be at about 85-90% perfect and to let us falter a little. At this point, you should be drinking water continuously. If you didn’t refuel your muscle glycogen storages properly the last couple days, then a small side of oatmeal can help. Eat a bigger meal two to four hours before go time. Wake up 4 hours before important games or soccer events, eat a simple breakfast (bread + a nut butter), and then go back to bed. This is about how long it takes the water to get through your system. They're kids. You might read that some people recommend eating 30 mins before a workout, but just know that these people did not play pro soccer. 2-4 eggs the morning of a game will leave you with amino acids and nutrients to keep your body in high gear for 90 minutes. Pre-Game Eating Guidelines. Carbs, protein, water, vitamins from fruit and veggies are … Preparing mentally for a game through food choice is not really discussed often, but it is actually surprising the effect that food has on your thinking. This will keep our muscles running all game long. Make sure you have your team jersey, league t-shirt, shorts, and soccer socks all washed before game day. This begins with getting amino acids in our body with our last meal. If you want to see what a portion of food providing 70g of carbs looks like, see our 11 pre-match meal suggestions for some quick, quality, affordable ideas that you can start using immediately. If you don’t have amino acids readily available for your body to use, it goes catabolic. Make sure it’s nothing big that will take the resources of your blood circulating away from your muscles and brain. Pack energy bars for half time and those after game munchies. That means you only need slower digesting carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits. What to Eat for Energy Before a Football Game. If we are only aggressive and are not balancing it out with a sense of composure, then we’re not going to play our best. Try to drink about a gallon of water a day. For example, if you always eat steak, potatoes and soda before a game, change it up little by little: 1. We want to feel light, with our blood circulating through our entire body and not in our bellies digesting meals. eat like a salad or something that gives u energy but not anything big. What to Eat Before a Soccer Game for Optimal Performance, Examples for What to Eat Before a Soccer Game, The Best Soccer Player Diet Plan for Optimal Performance. If you can’t do 100% all the time, you should at least try to do it for game days. What to Eat Before Soccer Tryouts. An average sized man, about 70kg, should therefore be looking to eat a pre game meal of around 70g of carbs. Neither one is better than the other is, but I feel lighter after smoothie then eating a solid breakfast, but other players may like the feeling of filling up a few hours before the game or eating something warm that the above example would give. Some kids will need two hours to digest before they play. Most players have the day before a game to have a light training, go over tactics and continue muscle recovery from the tough practices preparing for the upcoming game.
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