So, the first thing to do is talk to all players of the current BI processes: users and the IT team, department managers and stakeholders. As a result, you should have answers to the following questions: Then, compile a SWOT analysis to organize what you’ve found. There are a few architectural styles with different configurations of system elements. To know where you’re heading, you must set a baseline. What Is A Business Intelligence Strategy? Establish what types of reports and dashboards your system will display based on end-user needs and KPIs. This time, a BI solution empowered by predictive and prescriptive analytics enabled by machine learning capabilities allows the company to tailor its marketing campaign upfront. For which areas? Then that vision helps you choose the right people, those will use and maintain the chosen processes. What happens when you start implementing BI without a strategy? There’s no strategy without a vision. But as you can guess, starting such a complex endeavor requires some preparation and we will hopefully help you with that. A BI strategy comprises a collection of tools, designs and work streams that put data into the service of an overall … Why are you building the BI practice in your company and what do you want to achieve? At this stage, company X employs self-service BI software to grant its business users (according to their user roles) independency to make quick data-driven decisions without the need to involve the IT department. Die Nutzung von Software, Plattformen und Systemen, welche auf Technologien wie Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, … How do you handle data management and data governance? How is BI strategy aligned with IT and corporate strategy? In other words, the company assesses the data in terms of its potential to improve its marketing campaign. ScienceSoft is a US-based IT consulting and software development company founded in 1989. A DWH vendor with 15 years of experience, ScienceSoft consults on, develops, migrates, and supports your data warehouse. Qualitative metrics would include things like the number of data access requests made by end users, increased productivity, or that deadlines are met more often. Business Intelligence-Projekte sind wesentlich effektiver, wenn sie externe Datenquellen mit internen Datenquellen vergleichen, um Einblicke zu … TOGAF or the Zachman framework are also popular for BI strategizing. Business Intelligence mit Strategie. Business Intelligence is the means of turning raw data into useful insights. Your BI strategy has three main elements: Vision. Assign mentors in each department to help users learn how to provide value via BI tools, what metrics and dimensions to look for, and how to pinpoint data trends. Now, let’s go into detail on those steps. Join the list of 9,587 subscribers and get the latest technology insights straight into your inbox. The Business Intelligence Strategy is a roadmap that enables organisations to assess their current situation, measure their performance and seek out a roadmap for competitive advantages with process, solution and architecture. Um Business Intelligence als unternehmensweite Strategie umzusetzen, ist ein Top-down-Ansatz erforderlich. Now, we go into detail about one of the stages of your implementation plan – documenting a BI strategy. But where will they get the data? BI governance is about defining and implementing the BI infrastructure. A BI solution implemented following a well-thought-out enables a company to: You can understand and refine every operational process, creating a potential to drive revenue. A well-thought-out business intelligence strategy ensures ROI from substantial investments into a BI solution. Seit Anfang dieses Jahres hat die datenkultur GmbH ihr Portfolio um einen Bereich erweitert: der BI-Strategieberatung. End users should be trained to understand data basics and use a visualization platform. User acceptance testing is an often overlooked but critical process, where you ask end users to perform a few tasks and collect output information about the system’s usability and performance. Step 2. It contributes to enhancing your business by enabling proactive optimization and becoming a BI-driven company. A business intelligence strategy is a framework that enables gradually reaching the following business objectives: optimizing current business processes, creating top-notch products and services and becoming a data-driven business. ), then following a data integration process or ETL, where data is transformed and loaded to the repository (data warehouse and data marts) before the data is finally displayed in dashboards and interactive tools. A self-service BI solution powered with the 4 types of data analytics helps companies quickly react to changing business requirements and operate different business environments without the need to involve IT teams. You can revisit your BI Maturity model to determine whether you’re going in the right direction and establish metrics. How will you measure the success of your BI strategy? Your company is able to identify the opportunities for improvement by studying its competitors’ performance and adopting best practices. You can divide tasks by responsible teams or task types (for example, training tasks, data visualization design tasks). Set up the feedback process and decide how you can react to it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. The logic behind a strategy document is that it will be a point of reference for the whole organization and will be used for the strategy presentation.
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