Low pressure drop(high open area and used for vaccume distillation) 3. The advantages of INTALOX structured packing are particu-larly noticeable in the larger corrugation crimp sizes. The Structured packing is manufactured from metal sheets and assemblied in sections to fit with the tower inner diameter. The aggressive surface texture of INTALOX structured packing provides excellent surface wetting,making this the preferred packing in aqueous distillation applications. Surface Area: 500 to 750 m2/m3; F-Factor: 1.5 to 2.2 PTFE Structured Packing typically consist of thin corrugated PTFE sheets arranged in a way that they force fluids to take complicated paths through the column, thereby creating a large surface area for the contact between different phases. random or structured packing. Sheet Metal Structured Packing Sizes varies from: 25 mm to 12 m diameter. Contact us immediately if you are interested in any of our products or you have any questions. MOC: Stainless Steel, Phosphor bronze, or any metal/alloy according to customer request. These Packings are made in progressive die tool with complete precision to ensure the best quality. The metal packing is available in several designs: Structured packing is used mainly in literature studies, whilst most industrial pilot plants are equipped with random packing. This is due to very low pressure drop across the bed and superior liquid spreading characteristics over the packing surface. Quality Wire Progressive Metal Packing (QWPMP) is made of metal sheets and give the best performance with relation to low pressure drop and high efficiency. The structured packing is made of several packings with different geometrical shape and corrugation angle. MOC: Stainless steels, Carbon steel, or any metal/alloy according to customer request. structured packing was a combination of the ad vantages of structured and random packing, as showed in Figure 6. info@structuredpacking.org. The Random packing is made of small objects of typical sizes ranging from ½ in to 3 inches and dumped randomly in one or several beds in the towers. 803 Structured packing bed limiter,non-interfering 133 403 HDG-421 27 805 Random packing bed limiter,non-interfering 103 401 BLM-461 28 815 Anti-migration screen between different packing sizes 111 34 825 Random packing bed limiter 823 BLM-451 28 845 Bed limiter used in combination with spray distributors 822 34 FXPack AL SUPER WM 500 (for aqueous application). Structured grid packing from FINEPAC ® is an excellent choice for applications that have fouling, erosion, coking and high solids content. PTFE Structured Packing provides a good contact between liquid and gas. Key characteristics. Structured packing we supply has high filter efficiency, corrosion resistance, small hold-up, is easy to clean. Here, Boegger has more than 15 years experience, strict quality control system and test system. ME-II Structured packing is available in an array of surface areas (corrugation crimp sizes) & KEVIN can also provide intermediate sizes to suit a particular case. Type: 125X/Y, 250X/Y, 350X/Y, 500X/Y, 700X/Y. Application: Wire mesh Structured Packing used for High vacuum to low pressure, Good for where low pressure drop required, High number of stages per meter, highly efficient even at low liquid loading. Use this guide to choosing random packing media to aid your selection process. Sulzer GTC’s structured packing is designed to help clients achieve higher capacity, higher efficiency and lower pressure drop. Specification . Instead of using the expensive wire gauze materials, surface textured sheet metal was used to create a whole family of corrugated packing with a wide range of corrugation sizes and angles The AMACS family of sheet metal packing can handle a much wider range of vapor and liquid rates and process services. Y stands for the wire gauze structured packings have a nominal Structured Packing. Mass Transfer / Structured Packing | Tower Packing ME-II® Structured Packing Series. Mellacarbon™ combines all the advantages of a structured gauze packing with the corrosion resistance of carbon. Keep your shirts, socks, and other items neatly organized and compressed in our well-structured cubes, designed to fit perfectly in your Monos luggage (Set of Four fits all Carry-On sizes; Set of Six fits all Check-In sizes). Material: Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 410, Carbon Steel. The unique physical characteristics of INTALOX structured packing show their advantage in the larger corrugation crimp sizes by providing: Fenix has been providing liquid-liquid extraction equipment and solutions using structured packings, random packings. Structured packing is manufactured in a wide range of sizes by varying the crimp altitude. Application: High capacity structured packing for high liquid loading, high Vapour loading, useful for heat sensitive systems, very low pressure drop. Structured packing of various sizes is compared with trays, and its profound effect on absorber performance is shown. MOC : Stainless Steel, others on request. Structured packings typically consist of thin corrugated metal plates or gauzes arranged in a way that force fluids to take complicated paths through the column, thereby creating a large surface area for contact between different phases. Then the panels are corrugated into two different corrugations Y and X. Structured packing is a unique family of patented distillation devices found to surpass the best of other metal-sheet structured packing in terms of efficiency and capacity. Structured packing is consists of thin metal plate sheets or wire gauze. There is an optimal packing size for each application. Extraction finds is most suitable applications when the material to be separated is non-volatile or heat sensitive and when it is not possible to separate by distillation or evaporation. Figur« 8.11 Common corrugated-type structured packings, (a) Mellapak®; (b) Flexipac*. According to different corrugation angle, it can be divided into X type and Y type. Application : Separations where high no of theoretical stages are required due to its high efficiency. PTFE Structured Packing is unbreakable too. PTFE Structured Packing is washable and reusable. When selecting structured packing, we advise our clients to consider several parameters that influence the performance of the equipment including crimp height, crimp inclination angle, element height, surface treatment, fouling tendency, system properties and service. PTFE Structured Packing gives rise to adequate passages for both Gas & Liquid streams without excessive liquid hold up or pressure drop. It has all the desirable characteristics including predictable throughput, low pressure drop, high … High capacity structured packing Sizes varies from: Up to 8.0 m diameter. Boegger Industech Limited Best choice for corrosive applications; Combines all the advantages of a structured gauze packing with the corrosion resistance of carbon reserved for structured packing. N (standard model) or S (high performance model). The metal packing is available in several designs: The classic application fields for structured metal packing are processes with following operation conditions: These conditions are common in many vacuum distillation and rectification processes as well as in amine scrubbers, and applications in the field of fine chemical, flavors factory, isomer separation, separation of thermally sensitive materials and testing tower. PTFE Structured Packing is strong but light in weight. FLEXIPAC ® Structured Packing. E-mail: Process Engineering - Equipments - Turnkey Systems, Structured Packing - Wire mesh (FXPack WM), High Capacity Structured Packing (FXPack SUPER), ------------------- GALLERY -------------------, FENIX PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD © 2016 All Rights Reserved. ... Standard random packing, available in numerous sizes, geometric shapes, and materials, is composed of solids randomly packed in the tower. It is completely chemically inert material. Sulcol Design Program A program that enables users to carry out hydraulic design of columns featuring every type of packing Sulzer Chemtech offers. Finagrid installed in rigid modules stacked in successive layers can be removed, cleaned and replaced quite easily. Structured packing is formed from corrugated sheets of perforated embossed metal, plastic or wire gauze. The fluid- dynamic curved shape of the Vantage ® Additional ® structured packing smoothens the gas passage and minimizes localized hold-up, thus compounding the advantage further. Messy, over-stuffed suitcases are a thing of the past with the Monos Compressible Packing Cubes. The inclination angle was 45º, the height of corrugation was 2.5 mm, Common sizes available is … Structured packing is made of folded perforated plates welded together. That will help us give you a valid quotation. It is ideal for separations requiring a large number of theoretical stages in low liquid rate absorption/stripping systems, also for applications that require a … Understanding the reasons for using random packing instead of structured or stacked tower packing also plays an important role when servicing a tower. MOC: Stainless Steels, 904L, 254SMO, Monel, Hastelloy, or any metal/alloy according to customer request. Application: Sheet Metal Structured packing used for Standard application, Moderate vacuum to high pressure, Low to high liquid loading. ME-II Structured Packing has all the desirable characteristics like predictable throughput, low pressure drop, good efficiency and flexibility; which plays vital role in separations. Available in surface areas from 220 m2 /m3 this packing increased capacity by up to 20 ~ 30% over standard structured packing.. Rotating each structured packing layer about the column axis provides crossmixing and spreading of the vapor and liquid streams in all directions. Structured Packing. Application: Reactive distillation packing for high separation efficiency, reaction capacity/rate can be high, flexible design of catalyst element; can be used in laboratory packing. Laboratory packing used diameter is in range of 25-100 mm. of structured packings. Application: laboratory packing suitable for heat-sensitive systems, where pressure drop low, suits low liquid load 0.05m2/m3h,can be used for high vacuum to 2 mbar, can be scaled up easily, pressure drop low 0.1 to 0.4 mbar/stage.
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