Collective behavior occurs when large numbers of people engage in a loosely organized activity. Personal Factors. When a customer sees advertisements, promotions, customer reviews, social media feedback, etc. Opinion leaders are usually people who are more knowledgeable about a certain product or service than the average consumer. The social class is not just determined by the income, but also other factors such as the occupation, family background, education and residence location. The consumer behaviour or buyer behaviour is influenced by several factors or forces. Consumers have certain attitude and beliefs which influence the buying decisions of a consumer. Culture can be different by region, different groups and even countries. In this sense, culture is defined as the distinct way peoples’ experiences, customs and beliefs define how they behave. Cultural Practices: Cultural practices can have a huge impact on consumer behavior. Culture is considered an external factor in influencing consumer behavior. Consumers are looking for reviews and recommendations. This attitude plays a significant role in defining the brand image of a product. Meaning and Definition of Social Class : Consumer behaviour is influenced by environment in which one lives. The consumer buying habits and decisions greatly depend on the economic situation of a country or a market. Although fairly expensive to do, many retailers have begun fighting consumer misbehavior. Consumer Behaviour – Social Factors; Social factors are also subdivided into the following. Some of the important psychological factors are: When a person is motivated enough, it influences the buying behaviour of the person. Consumer behavior is greatly influenced by cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors. Reference groups; Under social factors reference groups have a great potential of influencing consumer behaviour. The marketing strategy should show the product or service as reinforcing the beliefs, values and customs of the targeted culture. Why are social influences important? Based on this attitude, the consumer behaves in a particular way towards a product. Whereas if a consumer is interested in saving more, then most of his income will go towards buying products. Families’ influence on buying habits includes how parents play a significant role and, eventually, how a spouse and children play an even more significant role. A marketer often targets influencers rather than the entire target market, because these influencers can alter the behavior of other people. Clubs, associations, and religious organizations are usually formal reference groups. People go through a family life cycle composed of different stages of purchasing patterns. Social … These activities can promote or obstruct social change through political activism or protests and can can occur in the potentially destructive forms such as riots. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Consumers have different roles in purchasing products and services, and these roles can influence their buying behavior. Failing to do so can result in lost sales and opportunities. It is generally recognized that there are social behaviors that are acceptable in a given situation. – Reference groups are either Membership Group. Cultural factors 4. A marketer should understand the dynamic of the social class as well. Reference groups are considered a social influence in consumer purchasing. They are often groups that consumers will look to to make purchasing decisions. A spouse and children, however, can exert an even more significant force on a consumer’s purchases. They have the standing to be able to influence others. Reference groups are similar to opinion leaders in that they can have a profound influence on consumer behavior. ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about the influence of social and economic classes on consumer behaviour. Consumer behavior is influenced by many different factors. Describe how family dynamics and the family life cycle can influence purchasing decisions. Economic factors bear a significant influence on the buying decision of a consumer. For example, the role of father can be different than the role of mother in purchasing consumer goods. Kellie Elmerraji. SOCIAL FACTORS AFFECTING CONSUMER’S PURCHASE IN FURNITURE Reference group Reference group can be defined as any person or group of people who significantly influences an individual’s behavior ( Sakpichaisa, 2012).
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