Updated on: January 12, 2018. Homeowners are often unaware that mould grows in other areas of their property, too. Step 2 Wear rubber gloves and a protective face mask while cleaning the mold in the closet. Sometimes closets can be an ideal environment, especially if you are storing wet or damp clothing. You can avoid a whole lot of hard work from the get-go using a mould prevention plan and making mould-checks part of your cleaning routine. We offer obligation-online free quotes – and more importantly, we provide practical causation reports with common sense advice rather than quotations for mechanical solutions dressed up as a free report. Ensure the light is low to the floor so that its heat rises, but also make sure the bulb is a decent distance away from your clothing to avoid potential house-fires. Is the Relative Humidity High in Your Closet? Will wet fet indoor prevent mold prevent mold in closet prevent mold in closet signs you need a dehumidifierHow To Prevent Mold In Closets And WallsHow To Prevent Mold 9Closet Dehumidifier To Prevent Mold Types Features15 Innovative Roaches To Prevent Mold In ClosetUse These To Help Prevent Mold From Growing continue reading. You can also place them in an open container on a closet shelf. Always wear a breathing mask when inspecting for mold. Avoid leaving dirty clothes or shoes in the closet. Green Mould – What Is It and Is It Dangerous? If you do find mold in your closet, wash the clothing to help remove any mold spores. Here are tips on how to prevent mould in closets: Learning how to prevent mould in closets is just one step in avoding this fungus in homes. noaandnani.co.uk. What is Mold? Find exactly where the colony exists in your closet (for instance, you may notice dark patches on the ceiling), and determine whether you can access the other side (such as the attic) to find the root cause of the mold. The main cause of mold growing on contents can be related to a problem with ventilation. Mold also likes organic materials, and genuine leather is not an exception. 6 Ways to Prevent Winter Mold and Mildew in Your House. Yet, the key to preventing mold growth in your closet is to keep the area dry. Lay a tarp down on your closet floor to protect it from the cleaning solutions. Mold is nothing but a typical fungus. #1. That’s where we come in. Remove Mildew: If you spot mildew on your clothing or linens, remove it as soon as possible. Leaving the light on for several hours produces heat which helps keep the closet and the clothing dry. Mold seeps through wall boards and ceiling tiles, settling in new locations such as closets. Wherever possible, open all the doors and windows to allow fresh air to flow through the house and, in turn, the wardrobe. Doing so ensures they are fresh and aired out, reducing the possibility of mould growth. You’re also going to need to find the root of the problem – were your clothes still wet when you put them away? Clothes or other items should not be packed too tightly in closets to allow air to circulate between … Only clean clothing and items should be stored in closets since dirt and other organic substances are potential food sources for mould. Preventing a moldy closet hinges on a similar conviction that dryness is next to godliness but with a good deal more that you can do to minimize moisture. Air it at least once a month, avoid putting it a closet for too long. We get asked all the time "Why do I have mold in the bathroom and the back of my closet?" These are simply organic types of plants called fungi. The PuroClean team stands ready to provide professional restoration services to properties affected by mould, as well as water or fire damage. Mould feeds on dampness in fabric, so resist the temptation to toss wet clothes back in the closet. Opt for a high quality, moisture-resistant … If there is a humidity problem in the home, an air conditioning unit or a dehumidifier should be used to remove excess moisture from the air. The best way to prevent mold from growing in your closet is to limit the amount of moisture and humidity that exists between your clothes, on the shelves, carpet floor, and between the walls. You had problems with mold in the closet in the past. In fact, activated charcoal kills mold from many surfaces (it can even be ingested, too). Plastic-coated wire shelves must be used instead of solid shelves to improve air circulation. You’ve probably realized by now what a power couple mold and moisture make. By HighYa Editorial Team. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the best way to prevent mould growing in closets and wardrobes. Ensure that clothes and other storage items are clean before … Dehumidifiers can reduce moisture in the air to a much safer 50%. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the best way to prevent mould growing in closets and wardrobes. Thus, preventing mould in closets is a matter of keeping the closets dry. However, if mould is spreading throughout your home, get in touch with the team from Mould Removal. L et it bathe in sunlight during the most dry and not so hot hours of the day. Learn more. What’s more, many areas in homes and properties can harbor mould, including closets. Address any moisture sources you find. Latest. 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