Outline, Write, Edit To dramatically improve your efficiency, follow the simple plan of creating an outline, writing (or planning) the structure of your show, and then editing, as distinct phases. endobj Feel free to apply these sample transcripts for personal or instructional use. endobj I am going to create them using my information so I can stop typing "Your Name Here.". If you create a podcast template, you can have as much freedom to be creative within that framework, while still getting your episodes published on time. Sometimes, they really don't know what their show is about. But for those who are looking for the basics, a great podcast intro script will feature the following elements, welcome, show information, and host introduction. You need to understand how long you want your podcast to last prior to writing the script, so having an approximate word-count-to-time estimate can be quite helpful. AskPat podcast, the FoodTruckr podcast, and the 1-Day Business Breakthrough podcast with Chris Ducker. The best way to fight this tendency is to write a podcast outline. Scroll down to “Export as a .mp3” and save your pod cast as “podcast-your last name”. )", "Let's get started, here is, (optionally: Your Credentials) Your Name Here. Head over to my podcast intro page for more information.. So, check out our best tips for writing a podcast script below. Of course, they should not only be enjoyable to listen to but can also be used for marketing purposes. Today I'm … It’s a fair question that you should address in your podcast intro script. Many times it is okay just to offer your name. They just want to know, and then (hopefully) they want to listen to the show. 3 0 obj Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. is a podcast that unites the voices of phenomenal women near and far. Sample Podcast Script Voice Track / Narrative Interviews Music / Sound Effects Introduction: Where do you shop for clothes? But for many including adolescent girls, the process begins with a spectrum of media. Welcome to the Pro Voice Guy Podcast, a show about helping your podcast sound great. We speak much more casually compared to the formality of reading and writing. Sometimes people ask me for an example of a great podcast intro script or some guidelines for what should go in there. I have written a post called, "Podcast Intros, Catching Your Listeners Attention," which goes in depth into what makes a great intro but here, I am going to focus on the script itself. Sometimes they are hiring me to provide the voice over or even produce the entire intro. Aside from music that perfectly captures the mood of your podcast, a well-written script is also a must! Original audio files can be found on Producing the transcripts subreddit during the original release period of the podcast are based on the Serial Podcast produced by This American Life and WBEZ Please welcome your host, Will Rice. 7. %PDF-1.5 Podcast Intro Script 1. Have your conclusion and at least 5 seconds of music before ending your podcast. Sample Intro Podcast Script. When writing a podcast script, try and keep it as tight as possible. If you don't refer to your podcast as a podcast, there are other variations, like: Welcome to the Insert Your Show Name Here Show, Get ready for another edition of  Insert Your Show Name Here. Write Your Script for Speaking. endobj Joe Satriani Podcast Script - music playing for 45 seconds from the start of the podcast, as a music bed, playing straight away then fading out - Hello! A script is necessary for any spoken word elements or any extra audio such as interviews or music that is used. Audio products are a chance to create a bond with people as they listen. 4 0 obj I get a lot of questions from podcasters looking to create the perfect podcast intro script. Welcome to the MRC Podcast! Once you have figured that out, there are a lot of formats that can get this done. If necessary, use notes or bullet points to ensure nothing important gets left out. << /Type /XRef /Length 75 /Filter /FlateDecode /DecodeParms << /Columns 5 /Predictor 12 >> /W [ 1 3 1 ] /Index [ 2 27 ] /Info 17 0 R /Root 4 0 R /Size 29 /Prev 87011 /ID [<6d7675e0289d399fe83946ccd2741b26><6d7675e0289d399fe83946ccd2741b26>] >> Head over to my podcast intro page for more information. You have watched and listened to enough programs on TV, radio, and the web to know how this goes, "Welcome to the Insert Your Show Name Here Podcast." The final piece of your podcast intro script is introducing the host. It will also help you prepare transitions and get everything in within the allotted time. T Try our free Podcast Guest Form template to collect your applications online in one place — just customize the template, embed it in your website, and watch submissions start rolling in. The final piece is introducing the host or hosts of the show.
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