the information superhighway". Digitization 1. Id. ... Information superhighway: Issues affecting development Abstract. In 1994 the mass media began devoting a significant amount of coverage to the impending arrival of the Information SuperHighway. First, whether additional measures are needed for protecting free speech on the Internet. There are many striking similarities between the effects of the information superhighway and the effects of the railway system when it was implemented in the nineteenth century. In contract, the emphasis in Europe lies more on the "information society." information superhighway through its policies of liberalisation and fi-nancial support.13 Still, notwithstanding political declarations and ef-forts, the European information superhighway is relatively undeveloped. 6. Information SuperHighway -- Past Parallels. The Information Superhighway is very much a physical network, an infrastructure of modern high-speed links. Significant privacy issues are raised concerning the sale by pornographers of detailed records of consumption habits. Access is limited to major corporations, public institutions and educa-tional organisations. See infra part II.A. Id. 5. Condition: Brand new. The information superhighway in the United States is referred as a growing economic interest in information. 'Information Superhighway,' 8 STATE TAX NOTES 551, 552 (1995) (discussing state tax issues involving the information superhighway issues raised at the ABA Tax Section Midyear Meeting, Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 27, 1995) [hereinafter Grierson, ABA Tax Section]. 7. Details about Information Superhighway: Issues and Challenges by A.P. Second, whether the existing restrictions on free speech are relevant. Links everyone at home or office to everything else. The Information Superhighway is a physical network, facilitating the broadband, two-way transmission of any type of digital information, within its own virtual space. Information Superhighway: Issues and Challenges by A.P. Be the first to write a review. The administration believes that these technological changes provide the opportunity to develop an 'Information Superhighway' that could provide every element of society with ready access to data, voice, and video communications. Item information. PDF Version Also Available for Download. Cameli. I fear that by now there may already be something dated or quaint in using the term "information superhighway". Two issues are addressed in this article. In both instances, the government recognizes that the Internet has become a powerful medium of expression. Quantity: 2 available. I am going to use it anyway, and perhaps make matters of style worse by adding reference to a slow lane, because I think a few important issues … 6. These and other findings may assist policymakers and others concerned with the future of Cyberspace to make informed decisions, with reliable data, about the evolving Information Superhighway. This article focuses on the need for free speech legislation on the information superhighway. 4. Cameli. The Information Superhighway : Status and Issues Showing 1-4 of 26 pages in this report .
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