Various focus group discussion guides for students, faculty, ... summary of the focus group findings. It might be possible that <> Using that example, you would use this section of the market research guide to talk about hospital usage, awareness of hospitals, decision-making criteria used for choosing hospitals, etc. :D�'���C�xh����o�$�.��Y��!�Vz��|h�n��dz���M����[��6h�R��4l�8r��1�ޢ�>�S�������v#E��vR�lr`�C3|�B��bfexr�:P�U�0F�2��ù�bw�^�;�1� My name is [Name] and I will be facilitating the discussion this afternoon.This is [Name2] and he/she will be taking notes and helping me.Thank you so … Questioning Questioning is the most important tool the facilitator will use to obtain relevant information. These fall into four categories, each of which is detailed below. As we underscore in the guide, you will want to create your own focus groups questions based on your project’s specific research objectives and goals. +�l����HM�B���Gx�C�s��^�4�gu�8[�kduP�pT��`���H�P{�]C�*��D* DD��٪���zגTĈ .b�ׄ�Y�\$�z���F�Z� 4/�D���JYqsMԚǩ�G�v��>N����!- �[�-���@ ��X�7�:r�\d͠��&oc. Study on “Ramifications of loan waivers and the need to put in place a risk mitigation mechanism for making agriculture sustainable Responses given in a focus group are verbal, open-ended, relatively broad and qualitative. %PDF-1.5 As one group conducts their study, the other group observes the discussion. endobj Sample Focus Group Topic Guide. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> <>>> Entering Students: SAMPLE Focus Group Discussion Guide What follows is a sample focus group discussion guide that can be used to collect information from entering students. Focus groups as qualitative research 4. Exploration questions: get to the meat of the discussion 3. Focus Group Discussion Guide Assignment. Forming focus groups from a representative sample of workers across teams can speed up the data collection ... focus group discussions, outside of the session. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. discussion. endobj <> Use this product-focused checklist for focus group discussions or interviews. 5 0 obj 6 0 obj endobj Gather the participants’ names. Parents share their views on local child care programs, and on what could be done to improve them. Sample Generic Focus Group Topic Guide : I. A poor facilitator dominates the discussion and does not encourage participation or allows the conversation to lose focus. Taken from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Making Health Communication Programs Work," this guide spells out the steps to be taken by a focus group moderator. Sample of FGD Guideline Based on sample focus group discussion guides that were developed in 2004 by Family Health International in collaboration with ACQUIRE/Engender Health … Focus Group Interviewing --- Richard Krueger 4 Beginning the Focus Group Discussion The first few moments in focus group discussion are critical. Participants are not forced to give a fixed response. samples. Important skills that a group moderator should possess 3. <> Focus Group Discussion Guide—Farmers groups group members Instructions: This FGD will be conducted with 6 to 12 participants who are members of a farmers group targeted for OFSP. Three focus groups were also enough to identify all of the most prevalent themes within the data set. �� �[^ In what follows 6 or 7 main themes have been identified. 1 PRACTICAL GUIDE: FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSIONS CONTENTS What Focus Group Discussions Are and When to Use Them 1. ... No one will know who said what. x�m�M�@����cuXwt�U~$B��! endstream See Appendix H-Sample Focus Group Report . 4 Key Types of Focus Group Questions: 25+ Examples & Samples. In mixed-method research, comparing and relating may result in conflicting findings between data collected through different methods. The format we are using is a focus group. 4 0 obj endobj It is used to learn about opinions on a designated topic, and to guide future action. Opening Remarks (2 Minutes) Thanks for coming today. Instant Focus Group Questions e-book shows you how to integrate research objectives,topics, and focus group questions into the moderator guide.. <> General questions for focus groups In general it is suggested that no more than 10 or 12 general questions are asked during Focus Groups. 4 0 obj focus group discussions are ideally suited to obtaining relevant data on the meaning, identities and contexts associated with sexual behaviour among young people. 7 0 obj the program was made quite clear by the focus group discussions. I’ve attached the sample study guide in the upload materials section please follow it. Moderator’s Guide: Code of Conduct Focus Group Sessions Introduction This guide is designed to aide in the conduct of employee focus group sessions to solicit feedback on proposed enhancements to [Company Name]’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Engagement questions: introduce participants to and make them comfortable with the topic of discussion 2. Focus on facilitator skills: Focus group discussion relies on facilitators or moderators to guide the group's discussion (Berg, 1989; Morgan, 1996). endobj Sample Focus Group Moderator's Guide. Focus group discussions should be used when you need to understand an issue at a deeper level than you can access with a survey. Focus Group Discussion Guide Sample I. This section contains sample questions and prompts from a focus group conducted on local news and information access in New Jersey. ( 1998 ) and Litosseliti ( 2004 ), the facilitator must have a set of skills and techniques to ensure that the issues under discussion are addressed comprehensively. In the end, the group that observed the first session performs their conversation. <> Download. %��������� Background: Included in our class materials (see the “Pages” section) is a sample discussion guide that I produced for a research company with which I sometimes work. 3 0 obj Exit question: check to see if anything was missed in the discussion AN EXAMPLE Questions for a Focus Group on Dental Flossing In a brief time the moderator must create a thoughtful, permissive atmosphere, provide ground rules, and set the tone of the discussion. The sample for a ... guide discussion and allow the participants to express their views on the topic. Dos and don’ts of a positive focus group experience 5. Specify the objectives and information needs of the focus group discussion. 4 UNHCR / 19, July, 2017 suggested to add an axe and some other tools to the kit, such as watering can, plough and a hoe, which would allow farming and gardening from the … These empirically based findings suggest focus group sample sizes that differ from many of the “rule of thumb” recommendations in the existing literature. <> Sample Focus Group Discussion Guides – for Mothers/Caregivers and Health workers Page 1 of 3 Sample introduction: Good afternoon! ... 1 Remember that focus groups are usually not an effective or even ethical way to discuss topics where a participant might feel the need to disclose personal information, ... you can give a sample to the group to experience and discuss. The e-book is a practical handbook about qualitative marketing research, packed with tips, techniques, and hundreds of questions. Adapted from Guidance on Participatory Assessments (Dummett et al 2013) 2. 8 0 obj � �\��Q���l+���`�/gKd�M���SЉ��E���>�]�����a�R�2�e��o+:,�I\:j�p�� Example To determine farmers’ perceptions and knowledge on the link between … %PDF-1.3 In this core module suggested topics to be covered in interviews and group discussions with young people regarding sexual behaviour, dating patterns and risk perceptions are outlined. They are preferred over personal interviews because of their interactive effect: statements of one participant can generate comments by others. They are helpful for adding meaning and understanding to existing knowledge, or getting at the “why” and “how” of a topic. x��Ys�F����S�!cg7��ᱽm����]��x(�9+��(Z3�1w��g~Y�,�� �[Gt�:��ά�k�C�k����.�����M�ovY��U�u]��:�9������7�ׯ�>^�������m�Mhۦ@V���?�F貺�7�fSdMWgۺ��m�ˇ"�| ��.i���Z��PvE�ۂL@Ѡ�����Ȋ��y��β�e_�3�n�ו���ty]g���l������}�wm�2��%7����c������]�Z��g�|�ٔ��eֈ� �������LJ�7�����nxy���˾y���6�W�&�]^VM=i\X';[E> ۖy�v�����Z�tqf���U|x}f���/�����C���*��l���t1.�r� �]� �:T�yH�"/w�n�z�mV��5;����|�n�m�b�=��c����O���qL�.AKjX����Ǣv0���/��{��֨M������΂��/B �S������h�H�7g�6[�ox~Xҿ��@�K1��o�]tm��6�����%��.B�/� A focus group is a small-group discussion guided by a trained leader. However, I would appreciate it if only one person did talk at a time. stream Focus groups generally utilize convenience sampling. Typically, several groups are run and then the results are interpreted judgementally by observers and the moderator. %���� According to Morgan et al. <> I want this to be a group discussion, so feel free to respond to me and to other members in the group without waiting to be called on. Guidelines for conducting a focus group 6. Focus group discussion guide for communities Risk communication and community engagement for the new coronavirus Purpose The purpose of this risk communication and community engagement guide is to help you run a focus group discussion (FGD) with community members to find out endobj 1 0 obj A focus group is a small-group discussion guided by a leader or moderator. This is, in fact, a good example of how useful focus groups can be as evaluative tools. Hints for Developing Your Own Sample of Focus Group Questions No matter why a focus group is formed , you can help your members have a more productive session by asking questions that grab their attention and get them thinking beyond the obvious. stream endobj Similar to a survey, a focus groups used to help you learn what your members or customers think about your products, services, processes or brand and to guide your future product development or marketing. It is often the case that government planners, product design engineers, and other professionals who design products and … There are only a few basic rules to … Two-way focus group: A two-way group involves two separate groups having discussions on the topic at different times. 2 0 obj Just be honest. FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION REPORT: RELOCATION OF CONGOLESE REFUGEES IN LUNDA NORTE, ANGOLA. Preparing for focus group discussion 8. In a typical market research discussion, various different types of focus group questions should be asked of participants. Within each theme we have tried to address what are the possible sub-questions depending on group’s answers. There are three types of focus group questions: 1. A focus group is a conversation that focuses on specific questions in a safe and confidential environment. The goal of today’s meeting is to understand if the internal communications and news you currently receive is effective, relevant and valuable to you. 9 0 obj Using focus groups for evaluation 2. Examples: A focus group of parents of preschoolers meets to discuss child care needs. stream Warm Up . The following steps are suggested for developing the focus group discussion guide: 1. Focus groups are interactive discussion groups. endobj ���� JFIF x x �� C $.' Describe the composition of the group and ensure that (1) the goal of the focus group was defined, (2) all information will remain confidential and (3) respondents introduce themselves to each other before proceeding with the discussion. I will guide the conversation by asking questions that each of you can respond to. Introduction: Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you.We are a research team interested in learning more about agriculture in this area. When Should You Use a Focus Group Discussion? << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Conducting focus groups 7. ",#(7),01444'9=82.
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