One unique offering — new to this tier of cameras — is the image stabilization capabilities. Only time and experience on set will tell if one of these cameras will claim the title of best mid-tier cinema camera. Both can be used by a single shooter, but the FX9 is more friendly for all kinds of video work when you are a one-person operation. With modern cameras and their great ISO range you can really manage with discrete levels of ND. But, then, the Sony won’t have ethernet. Building on the success of the PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7M2, the Sony PXW-FX9 (Amazon, B&H, Adorama) uniquely combines high mobility with an advanced AF system, impressive bokeh and slow-motion capabilities, beautiful 4K HDR imagery from oversampling a 6K Full-frame Exmor R sensor with 15+ stop dynamic range and Dual Base ISO – making it the ultimate tool for documentaries, … My heart says canon, my brain says sony. Canon and Sony have long been battling for the title of Best Mid-Tier Cinema Camera System. The handle is also much more solid than on the Mark I, as Canon clearly realise that it will be used with film lenses which are … The Canon EOS C500 Mark II uses the latest technology from the EOS R-series of Canon mirrorless cameras and puts it into a professional cinema camera that has a modular style to suit lots of different uses. So, I wasn't really considering the FX9 as my next purchased as I was currently weighing between the C500 II and the Gemini, but this test is pretty incredible. FX9 is the new generation of Sony’s full-frame cameras and is intended to wrestle against the other full-frame rivals like Canon C500 mark II. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising and exciting features of each system. When I first entered the world of TV and Broadcast it was about 12 years ago. My experience, as a documentary filmmaker, has tought me the the more external recorders and frankenrig stuff that is needed to make a camera work, the more points of failure, and the less functional a camera becomes in the field. Hence the single grip and viewfinder. This difference also tells an important story. We’ve already shared the basic specs and details of Canon’s new EOS C500 Mark II cinema camera, but our friends over at Cinema5D have gotten their hands on a unit and shared a ten-minute overview of the new full-frame cinema system.. Unlike the FS7, the Sony FX9 shoots full frame, and in *6k. Which one to choose? They compare several aspects of both cameras – for instance, the lens mounts, color science, autofocus, and image stabilization. on Sony FX9 vs Canon C500 Mark II: Which is the Best Camera for Video and Filmmaking? Let us know in the comments below! Will have to test it in the real world once the camera ships. The biggest difference between the Canon C300 Mark III and the Sony FX9 is the sensor size. Original batteries only, from B&H. The latest FDTimes 96-page IBC-September Edition. Users also benefit from smooth, intuitive touch focus operation with the new 4.3-inch LCD monitor LM-V2, as well as an improved focus control that recreates a more natural focus pull. E.g., some people like the top handle of the C500 Mark II, others hate it. Sony has just one glass, and it is controlled by one mechanism. Exclusive Bonus: Download your FREE Blueprint: How to make a movie. It’s the camera that excites me the most. 21. Experience the best TheBeat has to offer. Image Stabilization. It goes without saying AF for video works best and most reliably only with native lenses. *See below for which battery. Hard times. Please like, comment, & subscribe. There are other ergonomic considerations as well, though I feel they are more of a personal preference. Below is what similar competing cameras retail for: PRICE : Canon C300 Mark III: $10,999 USD: Canon C300 Mark II: $8,999 USD: Sony FX9: $10,998 USD: Sony FS7 MK2: $8,998 USD: Panasonic Varicam LT: $9,995 USD: Pansonic EVA1: … It should be Mbps. 1 - 2. If yes, then the Sony FX9 is the right investment for you. To make it a fair fight I’ll need to add the price of the Canon EU-V1 to this comparison. Many thanks Sareesh for doing this comparison. From Sony: We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Also the auto focus will be slow working with EF lenses. The only way you can know is if you use it yourself for a while. S-log3 and c-log2. This in-depth, hands-on workshop teaches participants the skills needed to operate the Canon C300 Mark II / C500 cameras. Sony vs Canon - PXW-FX9 vs C500 mkII First, a bit of history. Sandisk CFexpress 256 GB. Having to put that extra piece on the back of the Sony just to get SDI out is a deal-breaker for me, and a mis-step in my opinion… The modularity of the C500 M2, while maintaining the best image quality, is HUGE. I like the C500 MK II a lot, but when you go all in with the rear EVF and an extra CFast Express card, the total comes to $19,000. Whether or not you’ll be using a cage or third-party top handle is a different question. Member. You can always buy cheaper batteries, but the same applies to both cameras. The Canon C500 Mark II has Dual Pixel AF with support for Touch AF and Face Detection AF. I’m sure the image on the C500 II will be beautiful, but the FX9 is basically my dream camera. The best online film school for serious filmmakers. The C500 Mark II features a Full-Frame CMOS sensor with an effective 18.69MP resolution and 15 stops of DR (claimed by Canon). They wanted the capability of a true 4K deliverable, while still being able to have a 60 fps over-crank. September 2019 Comparison Canon EOS C500 Mark II vs Sony PXW-FX9. Putting together a camera package in a modular system. Everyone says DPAF is so great but I would love to see real world comparision. The proxies are 8-bit 4:2:0. Comparison Canon EOS C500 Mark II vs Sony PXW-FX9. In Intraframe mode. Even though it seems Sony has more buttons the reality is Canon’s are completely customizable; and, they are easier to see and press in the field under tough run-and-gun situations. That means Canon EF for the C300 Mark III and Sony E for the FX9. 1. Very good point! Sony has revealed the new full-frame FX9 camcorder with a 6K sensor, Fast Hybrid Auto Focus system similar to the A7 and A9 mirrorless cameras and dual base ISO for great low-light performance. The two most exiting camera just announced – Canon EOS C500 Mark II and Sony PXW-FX9! The Sony FX9 and Canon C500 Mark II full frame cinema cameras. Interframe bit rates are too low. The EOS C500 Mark II supports Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 Gamma. For these solid reasons: ^Depending on the frame rate. That makes it $5,000 USD cheaper than the C500 Mark II and $1 more than the Sony FX9. I may be slightly biased since I’m already a Sony shooter (although I do really enjoy using Canon cameras). Canon C500 Mark II vs. Sony FX9 both are great and amazing camera. #The SD card is useful to record proxies for faster editing. These cookies do not store any personal information. December 2017 #pa17at ETAS Interview. To be honest I don’t know how practical this is. The buttons can also be illuminated in the dark. If money were no object, for the best image quality, one can always opt for the Arri Amira or Red Monstro. Using Canon supplied IDTs, images captured on the EOS C500 Mark II can be imported directly into the ACES compatible systems. Log workflows provide the user with higher dynamic range, more highlight and shadow retention, and more flexibility in grading. The FX9 can control all four channels quickly and independently. I prefer the Canon system, as each glass is separate.
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