I was out walking her in a park adjacent to a cut corn field. also make sure you put in a gate so your other dogs can go about the life without being attacked or killed. She told us one summer she freaked out when she heard a lot of commotion from the cat’s pen and went outside to discover that the cat had killed 3 coyotes that had attempted to steal it’s food. Because imagine 40 pounds (coyote) vs 70 pounds (pit bull.) 6 comments. If it had been a few years ago that coyote would have been the one having the heart attack! To say I was skeptical was an understatement. What dog has the highest IQ? skinnymoose.com © 2020 Carbon Media Group Outdoors, Coyote Attacks Dogs In Amherst. Early one morning back in 2010, Trixxie was put out on a chain to take care of her business while her owner did the same inside. Coyote Climbs Fence, Attacks 125-lb Family Pet Dog, Another New Jersey Coyote Attack And Confusion. A 75-pound dog was killed Wednesday night by what appears to be a coyote near the Boston Post Road in the south end of town Wednesday night, the owners of the dog say. They can leave or pay rent. The Connecticut Restaurant Association asked Gov. Can a dog kill a coyote? Plus if you raise them never to bite anything, they don’t approach every altercation with the intent to kill. I was thinkin about it and my freind said that no 45 pound coyote could take down a full grown 145 pound rott. "Coyote attacks on a large dogs, like the one in Madison, are uncommon but have occurred before. The good news is we have an article and some pictures about what you're looking for. Apparently, Tarina had put a leash on Daisy and was getting ready to take her for a walk. In Alaska a Rottweiler that was running free managed to take on two fully grown Alaskan Grey Wolves, and by the time the owner reached the dog, it had the entire head of one of the Wolves in its mouth, shaking it all over the place and thumping it good and proper. Which is the most dangerous dog breed? Within moments of stepping outside, a coyote attacked the dog. Happy, the Rottie who was a neighbor’s pup, quickly went after the Coyote when she saw that Trixxie was being attacked. I yelled at her and she came back to me and was like nudging me back to the park…The English mastiff is truly a dog of kings. What dog can beat a pitbull in a fight? Note, i bought 80 acres and have sheep/goats, rabbits in an exterior pen on the ground and poultry. 361. The rancher caught the Rottweiler in his cows one morning while feeding,and shot him about 4 times with his ruger10/22 . hide. I got nervous because I have never heard her act like that. You should be fine with 2 rotties and from what I have seen on the net donkeys will kill or run off Coyotes. The dog went ballistic, charging down a nearby hill, and he put a straight beat down on the large Wolves. The latter requirement rules out pit bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepards, Mastiffs and the like. He was beaten up pretty badly, he killed one but the other one survived. Kenny, 382. Residents in that area are being warned about this and other coyotes and what they are capable of doing. Editor's Note: This story was updated at 7:14 p.m. on Thursday, March 15, 2012 to add information from Chris Vann. Coyote Dog Litter Size. I agree with you 100%. Bea, Coyotes will attack and kill pets, especially cats and small dogs (less than 25 pounds). Can a Doberman kill a wolf? Get a rottweiler to defend your property i say a rott because they are huge and are probobly the most powerful dog out there. View Entire Discussion (3 Comments) More posts from the Rottweiler community. Vann said attacks on dogs may increase during the late winter and spring because it is mating and breeding season. The owner was walking along a lakeside and didn’t realize there was a racoon family in the bushes. report. "This is not news (of course), but thought it would be good for people that live nearby to know that there are coyotes out there this spring. The top answer is wrong it's been proven pits don't have lock jaw! And Yes a dog can and does kill coyotes. These attacks are not predatory but territorially driven as coyotes defend their den/home territories against other coyotes, foxes, and, unfortunately, domestic dogs," Vann said. "An older dog that is unable to defend itself may be more susceptible to attack. Do Dobermans and pit bulls get along? Invite them to come to a meeting and encourage them to trap the coyotes in your area. Attacks on dogs appear to be on the rise, Vann said, adding that dog owners should take appropriate precautions. Christina – I’m not sure I have any suggestions that will solve the problem immediately that you are referring to. My handsome boy! I have 2 french bulldogs and they would be chew toys if this coyote thinks a 100 lb rotty is fair game…, here is a link to another story about it from TV 7 out of Boston, http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/BO52127/. 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