If you're considering cooking with wood, firewood choices such as mesquite, apple, pecan and almond would all be a far better choice than cooking with blue gum. December 6, 2016. Blue Gum firewood is known for being nearly smokeless when burnt, which is great for indoor heating devices, such as open and closed combustion fireplaces and chimineas. It is plantation grown, carbon neutral, sustainable and a more environmentally conscious choice than harvesting wood from native forests. 2. With this in mind, Firewood Solutions can provide it to you in waterproof bulka bags - each bag contains approximately ½ tonne of firewood. Blue Gum is a very sustainable product available for burning as a mixer or on its own. One of the hottest longest burning Eucalyptus Varieties is the Red Gum, we harvest up to 100 different varieties of Euc and for the heat/Btu factor Red gum is the best by far, Btu is in the mid thirties! MVS Firewood Solutions Pty Ltd. Supply Region: Adelaide, South Australia. Quick View. Red and Blue Gum are extremely long burning woods. (If you have tried bluegum before and been disappointed the chances are that you were burning blue gum that hadn’t been seasoned sufficiently). I would say yes, if it is cheaper. Mixed Gum Mixed Gum. For many years I lived in far east Gippsland where grey, red, and yellow box was available, also Messmate, Stringy bark, Peppermint, Silvertop, and several others, and also a type of red gum called Mahogany gum. It is normal to use blue gum on an already lit fire as it needs the heat to combust. American Elm, and Red Gum. The septic’s will be looking at you sideways – but check out the statistics we have on Blue Gum: 1. 100% Sustainable Redgum Firewood All firewood sold is fully seasoned and dry, never wet or green Slow burning, high heat output Redgum Firewood delivered Firewood Solutions Bluegum timber has been harvested from South Australian land owners that planted this crop in the 1980’s under a government scheme to provide timber for pulp milling purposes. Blue Gum Firewood Production Dewald Carstens TimberFox Firewood. Blue gum (Eucalyptus Globulus) is the predominant supply of eucalyptus oil by the whole of the eucalyptus genus. This scheme was abandoned and the timber was never harvested for this purpose. We only sell firewood that is fully seasoned, dry, and never wet or green. We hope you love the products and ideas we recommend! The oil has a diverse range of use. It has very tight fibres and generally needs two years to season. Hardwood makes the paper opaque and softwood makes the paper durable and firm. Sale due to moving house that doesn't require fire wood. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 200.00 – $ 1,650.00. Just when you thought Red Gum was the only wood to burn in your fireplace … we came up with an alternative option. In South Australia, Victoria and southern NSW it is generally River Red Gum. Photos by Tom Brandt, Rob, mwms1916, and Travis. Since blue gum has the tendency to burn very hot due to the oils in the wood, many people choose to mix in other types of firewood instead of burning strictly blue gum. Lets give them a chance. Once it is alight the hardwood burns long and hot. The oil is abstracted from the leaves of the blue gum tree by the use of a separation process known as steam distillation. First up we have American Elm. Excellent quality half Sugar Gum, half Blue Gum for sale, split, dry. Whether you're using it to create the perfect fire in your fireplace to cozy up with on a cool night, or you're using the wood to make a campfire, blue gum is a great firewood choice. Blue Gum is a hard, dense log from the Eucalyptus family, long lasting and burns longer before creating a fire heart. Bluegum must be kept dry. Redgum is single split with variance in size and you may need to split some of the bigger pieces to fit your fireplace. Guys this stuff is dense. Use this free firewood calculator to determine exactly how much firewood you have. In Tasmania, Brown Peppermint is considered best. See the comparison table below for more information on how Bluegum compares to other firewood. One reason is different varieties do better in different parts of the country – plant the wrong one for your area and you’ll probably lose it to frost or the wrong soil conditions. His opponent, Red Gum comes in at also 18.4 MBTU, but slightly less drying time at 12 months. Texture is relatively fine and even. However, because of their essential requirement as commodities for the manufacturing of products, blue gum trees will always be needed. Blue gum firewood is a dense hardwood and thus the wood does not burn up fast. With its great coaling qualities, density and heat output, blue gum won't leave you disappointed. They will often compete with other species and often times they will win, driving other species out of the area. Black Wattle is a slightly softer wood, easier to ignite and thus, is excellent hot burning firewood that was traditionally prized for wood fired bakers ovens. Delivery charges apply Red Gum Firewood Qualities: What makes it Ideal for Firewood Use? If you live in South Africa near Johannesburg, Roodepoort, Midrand, Randburg or Sandton, check out Randwood. Eucalyptus Blue Gum produces 34.5 million BTUs of heat per cord. The heat potential of 80-83% 2. They may be tough to split, but they're really good on the inside. It ranges from red to reddish brown. Bluegum as a dry fuel is easier to light and as effective in heat provision and burn time efficiency than either Redgum or Mallee Root timber. Properties of Australian Eucalyptus firewood species found in SA, Wholesale Firewood Suppliers South Australia, Ready to light and easy to ignite as compared to other timbers, Split and provided in a variety of manageable sizes – granny cut timber style, Produces more flame and lovely cosy ambiance, Easier to split and cut as compared to Redgum, Plantation grown and sustainable - not sourced from native forests, A comparable burn rate that gives off excellent heat, Burn density is as effective as better than Redgum, Less smoke emission than Redgum and is carbon neutral, South Australian sourced product and South Australian owned business. Blue gum; red gum; red iron gum. Click here for more information. Blue gum wood is an all-around great wood to use for firewood. Those who use it love it as long as it seasoned to perfection, which is normally about 2 years. Description. Seasoned firewood mixture of red and blue gum, and also olive tree wood which burns better than blue gum.
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