Pizza, sub sandwiches, or a light buffet is usually served. June 23, 2014 By Jacques Ellul Editor’s Note: The Betrayal by Technology, a Portrait of Jacques Ellul is an hour long interview with the French theologian and sociologist, Jacques Ellul, produced by ReRun Productions. Then again he lived through WWII in France and saw what image propaganda is capable of doing with a disassociated and manipulated population. Here he is simply talking non sense and mischaracterizing peoples views of technology, the purpose of said technology, and the events of history. I believe that the economic mess that we are in now is the results of people that should know but not taking their plans to a logical conclusion, or they did it on purpose.. I experienced the change of technology firsthand by going from Budapest ( capitol of Hungary ) with wireless Internet, hybrid cars and apple stores to our family winery with no tap-water, electricity or toilet facility :D. My personal conclusion is: Although the winery is fun when drunk , sober I prefer advanced technological equipments any day. Technology is amoral - While it's true that human behavior is changing because of technology I don't think it penetrates our morality but rather the other way around (technology is a reflection of what is already there but couldn't before be expressed). I find it absolutely fascinating, sadly there are only a few videos about it on youtube. There are people who have victimized children - whose morality has become compromised beyond repair - who would not have done so if technology did not allow their obsession and their immorality to flourish. Thanks again for the information, I was content to write this guy off as a loon. By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy. Give the interview a chance. After all, the same companies made us suffer with inferior products that were overpriced and poorly supported. Not surprising since modernity is built on faith in fictions such as property and money. If history was as near perfect without all this awful technology as some state, Jesus wasn't needed at all as everything and everybody was in complete harmony and things were as good as things could get, after then it was all down hill. All of this is still technology, some of it high, some of it low. So - there are two examples off the top of my head. Sometimes they would set up camp, [using all that new camping technology] in a clearing close to the creek, they want everything convenient and comfortable. running But its better than what we had when i was younger. It's in control of everything. Before the renaissance and subsequently the industrial revolution, the relation between humankind and the environment was one of respect and dependence, we were part of nature, and that was due to the fact that this kind of thinking was passed on from generation to generation through thousands of years. We lived in a log and pitch sealed structure deep in the woods. Oh, if only they were better educated...yeah, maybe then nobody would choose to work the **** jobs anymore and the whole house of cards would fall apart. NetApp emphasized a tripling of its public cloud services revenue annualized run rate in the quarter. He is talking a bunch of nonsense. @ez2b12: Actually that idea of a small group of indecently rich old men in a smoke filled room pulling the strings has no place outside of cheap conspiracy movies. sensible, He first became well-known to American readers when his book The Technological Society was published in English in 1964. you're @Arstotle: I don't agree that technology isolates people from each other. Again, technology rather than seeking to purely exploit natural laws and resources, might approach nature with due reverence. This painting ended going into the early hours of this morning. tech I'm sure there are more. As a result they can charge whatever they like and you will pay it or do without. work Technology (to paint with very broad brush strokes) generally makes resources more plentiful, but scarcity remains a problem mainly because of money: surplus food can decompose in warehouses or be dumped on foreign markets at a knock-down price while local people starve, because those local people don't have the money to buy it. Then there is always JackAss TV and movies that are filled with brilliant thought..... Yeah atom bomb, the invention they may lead us to an abundant energy resource very soon, all we need to do is figure out what to do with the waste. this point it seems ultimately represents the point being made. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. Arrogance always rose it's ugly head so we just let them do their thing and then wait awhile before offering them relief. Religions of the past, even though many go by the same name today, did not help anybody to live in peace, live well, or live at all. It began with the early electronic banking systems that had a fee attached. I love how the documentarian had the little electrical malfunction at the very begining. Creek water contains all sorts of bad things from microbes to animal waste to metals leeched from the ground. People have been competing for resources in this sort of way for a very long time. So explain it to me. Five times a day, tens of millions of phones buzz with notifications from an app called Muslim Pro, reminding users it’s time to pray. In order to not have a dictatorship these guys think that a computer can be the ultimate deciding power (LOL). He was right for his time in terms of certain basic concepts, but he shows as dated now. yet, they, themselves looked down on each other. Many early societies practiced human sacrifices in order to appease some god or to increase crop yield. @ez2b12: Actually that idea of a small group of indecently rich old men in a smoke filled room pulling the strings has no place outside of cheap conspiracy movies. The Betrayal by Technology Some excerpts from his magnum opus, The Technological Society: Definition of technique: Quote : "In our technological society, technique is the totality of methods rationally arrived at and having absolute efficiency (for a given state of development) in every field of human activity." your Salesforce acquires Slack for $27.7 billion in its largest acquisition ever: Here's the plan. PATNA: The opposition Mahagathbandhan said the formation of NDA government in Bihar was betrayal of mandate and boycotted the swearing-in ceremony of Nitish Kumar as CM and other ministers on Monday. The hundreds of billionaires are slaves to the thousands of millionaires who want nothing more then to take their place. Physically, the men were generally tall, muscular, and good looking . So hot breaking news on the Internet consists of unreliable amateur reports posted in discussion groups. There is no end in sight, so the market downturn should give us time for reflection. It may appear as such simply because the population is larger, but statistically speaking the percentage of "have nots" has been declining, especially if you consider that "have not" today may mean "cant afford healthcare" rather then "must sell some children for food or die" a few hundred years ago. The same thread shows up in much of what he writes. platform Hello Robbie @ez2b12: I did not mean to call you a conspiracy nut at all, I agree with most of what you said, indeed our economy is being manipulated by COMPANIES, I'm just trying to debunk the myth that the blame should go on the shoulders of a select few people in these companies who ultimately only serve as scapegoats. collaboration I got rid of my lung cancer by avoiding surgery and modern medicine! They warred over food, possessions, territory, slaves, honor, or just because the other tribe was there. Not to mention what it did for our understanding of physics and particle theory. and even earlier. I think it would be smaller, but thats not the point.We know now that it has been going on for some time its just that it was hidden better. But, as with most music groups, things happen. That is Ellul’s complaint in a nutshell. web Oh, you mean anthropologists like Marshal Sahlins? It is what he sees as its legacy within the population. THIS must be recognized as well as the 'good' that technology has done. best Or take my states (Alabama) health insurance policies. Many of them farm or ranch or work for one of the warrior tribe businessmen. If so, I'm not sure that it matters whether the chicken or the egg came first. to host. Computers do not have the capacity to understand the human condition or inspire citizens, well not as well as other humans do anyway. from Hive 2.0. This gives us the illusion that the gap is getting wider, but in reality when you remove these families the situation is much more balanced than ever before. As Jacques Ellul said in the interview: they go on and do it just because they can - without even thinking of it. Thanks to technology no doubt that gap will continue to close, in my opinion. This has been opined too often on this thread. Yes, this movie is 25 years old, but it still ought to be required viewing for those wh o care about the single most important feature of contemporary culture, which is the domination of technology. to Xiao provided the necessary knowledge and know-how of the type of catalysts to be used in oil refining. [I know their football team kicked our tails several times, they were good..] They hold elections, create and enforce their own laws and have their own courts. @ez2b12: Actually that idea of a small group of indecently rich old men in a smoke filled room pulling the strings has no place outside of cheap conspiracy movies. Like those who await the present of God from our exterior view of faith have a very difficult understanding for faith arriving. Betrayal of Technology [Henry, Luo] Posted on November 8, 2016 by h.luo. So whatever it does poorly is also amplified. Technologies have afforded better health and incredible capabilities in many respects, but at what cost to our mental and environmental health? Technology, Nature, Freedom, and Traditionalism. And you wonder why people hate banks. Well I agree with that to some degree, we had no right to come in and replace those bs concepts with a new bs concept like christianity. Watch: "The Betrayal of Technology" videos Summary. So what do the banks do? They are very intelligent and quick minded although most individuals of this warrior tribe will not work for any body except another Indian from the same tribe. I think this guy is missing the part of the brain that makes one logical. They very seldom attacked other tribes, but if attacked, very few other tribes got the best of them. Technology has also gave us the power to utterly destroy, pollute, deforest, over populate and radiation everything. We are told convincingly that technology and computers will save us time, make things easier, and … His philosophy is used to promote many radical movements. One of the best things to ever happen to this world was the enlightenment that led to the scientific revolution and then to industrialism. Betrayal of Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul from Jesus Radicals on Vimeo. Not a single candidate for governor nor state legistlature will stand up to them, as they would never have gotten elelected if not in bed with the utilities companies like Alabama power or TomBigbee electric co-op. People are spiritual beeings and all life we are actually seeking spirit in us but we look outside of us instead inside. tech, At that time, China’s petroleum technology was still in its rudimentary stages. 1992, Technology - 54 min 78 Comments. of @Arstotle: I don't agree that technology isolates people from each other. But then again we are myopic children of technology. We can't deny that everyone will have to get back on the tech pony eventually, but people seem to get some sort of sick enjoyment from watching technology companies suffer through a slowdown. It would be interesting to hear about your interaction with the indians and the environmentalist as well. Inventions that have changed the world? The Greeks and than the Romans, for example, and before them, projected a anthropomorphic (Human) aspect to their God's to whom they could somewhat identify participating with a projection he could identify as "other". Any reading of Ellul is painstaking. Five times a day, tens of millions of phones buzz with notifications from an app called Muslim Pro, reminding users it’s time to pray. When I asked Alex B about some guy altruistically coming to my home to clear the sewer pipes, if you noticed, he immediately came up with self cleaning pipes would be invented so that no one would have to do the dirty jobs. Let's start with saving money and banking. In order to go back to another time and age, one cannot pick and choose which technology to keep and which to throw away. As a Transhumanist this holds particular interest for me. He is much like one who loves and misses antique automobiles. It is run by the Indians and no whites are allowed any say. When a percentage of people are killed, mamied or poisoned for corporate projects only to see that in the next ten or fifteen years many of these projects will already be in need of great repairs. The effect on your farm and your family is immediate. The broken peace of centuries past can destroy people of today at any moment. It's the new economy, they say. But the public apathy goes even deeper, because technology has not delivered on its promises. He would ply his antics just to get us off a beat or distract us and all the while, he wouldn't miss a beat or a note. I will write more after watching for a couple more times. Of course you could not see God as a solution to anything if you think the whole notion of such a personality is foolishness. betrayal of technology. So I painted a large sign on a sheet of plywood, I and another person was mounting the finished sign to the side of the building when a gust of wind came up, caught the sign which knocked me of the ladder I was standing on. New figures show Microsoft's TypeScript has rapidly become an essential programming language for web developers. All the people that think it is evil still use it, and all those that think it is a good thing in many ways love simplicity and nature. Connect I also managed to come back to sobriety through a program that myself and a local phsycologist structured. regarding which I am a amateur historian though (degree in wetsern civics) and can not stand his mischaracterization of history. We need to preserve the Shaman as the Shaman can tell you if you are harming yourself or not, by simply putting the female feeling brain back into the equation and recasting from there. Being 'one with nature' as quite a few would proclaim. especially wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, thinking that if he were god, he would remake the world in his own image is a fairytale that many unhappy people contemplate. For Anne Boden, the past month has been more than a little hectic. Betrayal of Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul from Jesus Radicals on Vimeo . Although the Anabaptists embraced his outlook he would not make a good Amish farmer. "C'est ça la technique, hein?". I worked for a medical wholesale company in their art department. Most goods are hyped and meant to con people into having to have "it". Published Thursday, November 26, … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Many Green Anarchists have cited Ellul's work on technique as influential on their thought. If you were addicted and managed to come through relatively unscathed, I would think that if you did write a book or articles, it would be of much greater importance and help than someone's sometimes idiotic travels through life. None do. Just about every early society had some form of slavery. Where is the time saving? J.Vaden, the sax player, and several members of his family were killed by a hit and run driver they assume was high on meth. "Money rules the world" is not just a lame soundbite, it's an undeniable fact: we are ruled by numbers, not people. Now you rest Micheal, I hope you find peace and I will never forget you or your beautiful music. very true could'nt be explained any better then this. Luckily these few simpletons were over ruled by the masses of people that had come to trust in scientific reason and the ability of people to rule themselves, or at least to participate in governing themselves. During a discussion in which he participated, about the problems of technology and progress, someone said to him: "You, as a surgeon, surely know everything about the progress in surgery?" As a builder and architect for 35 years I've seen some awful workmanship and The printing press? I am sorry if you took that way. We played together for nearly four years, even got paid most of the time. Betrayal definition, the act of exposing or delivering someone to an enemy through treachery or disloyalty:This security leak was an inexcusable betrayal of an ally whose very existence is now threatened. out For example when he says that no one is responsible when something goes wrong, bs. In my defense he doesn't make his position very clear, or maybe the people that made this documentary did not do him justice. (it's available here). Few people are aware of the fact that humanity thinks in a dialectical manner. To this day, I would say that if you have never heard something like Mozart's Requiem played in the same cadence as Jerry Lee Lewis' Whole Lot of Shaken Goin' On or Louie Armstrong's Bring It On Home, you never have heard anything. Viewing this and most likely other documentaries in a communal setting on a large screen is much different than setting solo in front of a computer. It's because of a buildup of resentment toward technology in general. I tried again to watch this with what you had said in mind. The formation of a mass culture because of technology is worrisome. But instead, they charged extra. And let's never overlook technology's greatest betrayal. Alberta's chief medical officer of health Thursday said she feels personally betrayed after CBC News reported the contents of secret recordings that … There are 5.5 billion more people now than there was in 1850. One sad example: the proliferation of child p0rn. I just returned from our family winery after 3 days of harvest/wine preparation. As long as you don't misrepresent the truth or out right lie, let them think what they will.I think it is facinating and you do a great job of telling the story. If one wants to live closer to nature, one must live according to natures rules. We If you were the type of person who liked to be busy, then you became even busier. Why do we have a five day work week? He then began to tell me that I was not grasping his concept and that I was doomed if I still hung onto the 'old' ways. Some would work for a 'white' man and they are usually looked down upon and given grief by the warrior Indians. Many early tribal societies would raid other tribes for just about any reason one could name. In fact, technology makes things worse. You also agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data collection and usage practices outlined in our Privacy Policy. I was born and grew up in abject poverty. Combined, there are more than 200k people following us through these channels: You should sign up for our newsletter. Why ... because nobody teaches us diferently and the one who does is freak, crackpot and must be critizied and discredited. ... © 2020 ZDNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You should write a book, if people like Carlos Castaneda can get away with writing the utter bs he did and it was sucessfull you have nothing to worry about. GROUNDWOOD BOOKS THE BETRAYAL OF AFRICA 2 Introduce the … pandemic. Primers to this documentary would be his works “Humiliation of the Word” and “The Ethics of Freedom” as they are direct commentaries on our world today (if the reader can get past his religious perspective and view only the commentary) and appropriate when viewing much in the commentaries throughout this site. | Topic: Enterprise Software. Douglas Adams makes the point better than I ever could - "Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?". I was trying to defend your conception of the gap between the haves and have nots, did not mean to put words in your mouth at all. Awesome doco - makes you think about how distracted and controlled we are by technocratic approaches to everything and anything. You seem to write well also. From all appearances, the savings don't even go to the employees, who are laid off at the drop of a hat while the ceo takes home a bonus. Friday evening, it was our turn to host the confab. Taking them out would replace the problem, not solve it. Transport - a little more difficult to live the dream but ok maybe. There were Indians that still lived in Wikiups [similar to a TeePee only made from saplings and covered with leaves and pitch from trees...] Occasionally, an individual or a small group of environmentalists would find their way to our location. I will keep an eye out for you on here though. How about only having a child or two? and One thing that was promoted was the ability to get breaking news faster than you could from a newspaper. The team of ReRun Produkties visited Ellul in 1990. Rex got an offer from some where in southern California. His name was Micheal Norris and he died of a self inflicted gun shot to the head-. The second tribe were no slouches either, but they grew their food by farming. Its the battle between the image (considered by him as idols) and the word, the manipulative force of the image, the dissolution of the force of words and the loss of dialogue. They are the total opposite of this guy in that they say technology is our savior, niether view is right to me. Rex Wiener, one of the band members, had taken concert piano lessons plus composing, so he handled all of the arranging. Privacy Policy | Published Thursday, November 26, … All those that are for it will say those against are simple and not bright enough to see the reality of the situation, this is not true at all- I know many that hate technology that are very bright and creative. The Betrayal of Technology. I fell backwards and landed dead center on the top of my head. The Betrayal of Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul (1992). Power is. Interesting, but I don't think he understands that technology is just as natural of a system as anything else in the universe. ", technology is just a set of tools That is the essence of the ideology of efficiency and technique..."one best way" that others must conform to. ... NetApp shares surge as fiscal Q2 tops expectations led by software, cloud; Q3 forecast also stronger. Salesforce But the value of the American dollar IS manipulated by the banking system. He is located some where in the vicinity of the greatest Temple of Humanity, the human heart, waiting to be invited in. If he was on piano, he would break into Mozart, Beethoven, or any other of the classic composers only with the beat and cadence of the song we were just playing. I guess they just dragged all those chariots around on skids. For example This guy; In a room of a house constructed of machined and manufactured materials from the floral wall paper to the nails holding the walls in place. Godot never arrives. I think your cliche example of the smoky room and business suits is laughable. This guy is full s@#$, typical French self-righteous arrogant a$$hole. There are many forms of betrayal, and it is common within a culture to have varying degrees of punishment for betrayal, most of which are rather severe as it is considered one of the more painful and unsympathetic acts a person may do. Especially that their still are buildings standing that date back to the Eleventh Century B.C. Hence, they stop buying products. he authored 58 books and more than a thousand articles over his lifetime, many of which discussed propaganda, the impact of technology on society, and the interaction between religion and politics. We are told convincingly that technology and computers will save us time, make things easier, and improve our lives. Dr. Deena Hinshaw spoke about secretly recorded audio from meetings she's had with the province during the pandemic. @Arnold Rudge To say technology has done nothing BUT improve life is a fallacy (a false comment/claim) . Technology has doubled the life span of our species. This belief is not a tool to make a theory or theology work (ie God of the Gaps). These environmentalists attempt to pick and choose the technologies that they will accept in their new world order but fail to realize that in order to have that one or two technologies require twenty or thirty technologies that they don't want in order to support those technologies that they want. A betrayal by someone you trust is one of the most challenging interpersonal situations you can face in life. combine The Betrayal by Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul. This book leveled a broad critique of technique, a term that means more than gadgets and machines - as the English word technology means. The hard-news folks consist of the Associated Press, The New York Times, and very few others--none of which are Web-oriented. There is nothing inherently wrong with technology and that is not his complaint. He goes on to cite a few popular problems in modern society (belittling the benefits of course) and then he puts GOD in as the solution. during I wasnt talking about that,I was saying that technology is the main ingredient that separates the classes.Its how we show each other how superior we are. They look at history through rose colored glasses. :). Technology has cut our physical labor and the time involved in any task down considerably. If anything consumerism today tends to slow down the advancement of technology because it is much more profitable to sell many small updates on a product that brakes easily then to make something that does it all and is durable. This inner dialog originates from a existential return to our first cause, that is "being". This also is no different today as there are many ancient wounds that still fester. If you do not want to take my word for it watch The Secret of OZ on this very site. The prices they charge are insane when compared to thier over head, but what can we do. digital a a Menu. company from Indeed it is. They stake out certain territories and if you live within that territory your power, water, natural gas, etc., etc. What has happened is that lately most have become aware, in fact it is common knowledge now, that in America things are controled by a few elites that we never see. You may unsubscribe at any time. Though not every ceo is gouging the shareholders, too many are doing so in a noticeable way. Betrayal definition is - the act of betraying someone or something or the fact of being betrayed : violation of a person's trust or confidence, of a moral standard, etc.. How to use betrayal in a sentence. They did not work the ground to grow crops, they hunted for their food or raided other tribes for what they needed.They also took slaves and stole other tribe's horses and women. Although technology has improved lives in certain societies and circles within those societies. Meanwhile, average Americans sense some sort of deep corruption in the system. The You agree to receive updates, alerts, and promotions from the CBS family of companies - including ZDNet’s Tech Update Today and ZDNet Announcement newsletters. People start to lose sense of their individuality and responsibility. The world is a little colder and less vibrant without him in it. There are several ways to be notified about new content on TDF. One of the participants brought a workprint of RED, the new Bruce Willis movie. Sort of a subtly mixed mob rule. best Maybe I shouldn't make any assumption, most things are in a state of flux. Betrayal of Technology: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul on Vimeo They found the car that hit them, but it was stolen and a bag was found filled with meth and other drug paraphernalia. | October 8, 2001 -- 03:50 GMT (11:50 SGT) It's because of a buildup of resentment toward technology in general. The Betrayal by Technology. Watch: "The Betrayal of Technology" videos Summary.
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